Safety Tips For Parents

Safety Tips For Parents

Reviewing our latest safety tips for parents is an important part of defending children from the dangers of child trafficking. If you are a parent and would like to be more informed about ensuring the safety of your child, we’ve compiled this short guide to help you quickly develop a better understanding of the signs of child trafficking and how you can safeguard your loved ones from becoming victims.

Talk to Your Children Openly and Honestly

Every parent wants to protect their child from the evils of the world. In an attempt to shield our young ones from difficult truths, we sometimes leave them unequipped to protect themselves from those evils. Take the time to talk to your child about sexual abuse and sex trafficking. Help them understand why avoiding certain situations is critical to their safety.

As much as we hope to protect our children, we can't be with them at all times forever. Memorize these safety tips to better prepare your child when they must make a decision for themselves. Ensure that they make the right choice, and it could save their life.

Practice Social Media Safety – The New Most Crucial Safety Tips For Parents

Child traffickers thrive on social media, where they build trust with victims before ultimately inviting them to a physical location where they can be abducted. Consider limiting your children’s social media use and help them learn good social media practices for remaining safe.

Make Your Home a Happy, Inviting Environment

Many trafficking victims are not “kidnapped” at all, but are rather lured into trafficking situations by false promises. Children might think these strangers can fulfill emotional or physical needs they might feel are not being met at home. One of the most powerful defenses parents have against trafficking is their own love. Children who feel that their needs are being met at home are less likely to run away or seek the comfort of strangers who might ultimately mean them harm. Click here for tips on improving communication with your children.

Be Aware of Both Men and Women

The idea of a suspicious and shady-looking male carrying children away can seem the most likely trafficking scenario. Surprisingly, the truth is that the first contact a child makes with trafficking is often a female. These female recruiters present themselves as friendly, mature, and exciting. They often promise to provide young people with experiences their “normal” lives cannot.

Identify Your Child

Organizations like the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children provide identification services where parents can upload images, distinguishing details and even fingerprints to a secure database. In the event that your child is taken or goes missing, these identification materials can be critical tools in helping law enforcement and other authorities locate and identify your child.

Despite the many tools and tactics listed above, the most effective way to protect your children is still maintaining an open dialogue with them about the dangers and signs of trafficking. Not only will these conversations help them be informed, it will deepen the trust between you and your child. It can help them be comfortable with coming to you if they ever feel that they are in danger.