Human Trafficking Education

human trafficking education with woman and small childERASE is an organization dedicated to the goal of erasing child trafficking, education and awareness must be part of the process. The issue is far too widespread and deeply rooted to be eradicated by our organization alone. While we collaborate extensively with other anti-human trafficking organizations, our most effective partnerships are with caring individuals all over the country.

By educating and empowering everyday citizens to recognize the signs of child trafficking and alert the proper authorities, we can create a nationwide network of watchful eyes that can help identify victims. ERASE hosts a wide range of training seminars for both private and public organizations. We also provide education and awareness through social media and distribute informational material in high-target areas. These methods can be effective, but only if those on the receiving end decide to take action. Individuals must answer the call to help end this growing crisis that can no longer be ignored.

We also encourage families to speak with their children directly about the dangers of child trafficking, though it might seem an uncomfortable or far-fetched possibility to even consider. By arming themselves and their children with prevention tips, parents can give their loved ones valuable tools in recognizing signs of child trafficking and protecting them from becoming a victim.

Human Trafficking Education – From Apathy To Action

In addition to our work in educating families, we also offer extensive training in the professional community. A lack of awareness and informed action among businesses and professional organizations could result in children falling victim to trafficking or missed opportunities to identify and shut down trafficking operations in our own backyard. ERASE’s training programs help professionals by explaining in-depth the key factors of human trafficking education, what makes children vulnerable, common recruitment tactics and telltale signs of potential trafficking victims. Widespread knowledge and information is crucial in this fight against child trafficking.

If you’d like to become part of the solution to the child trafficking epidemic, take a moment to quickly educate yourself on some of the common signs of trafficking.
how to spot a trafficking victim

Common Signs of Trafficking Victims

• Appears anxious, fearful or paranoid and avoids eye contact.
• Appears fearful of law enforcement or authorities.
• Communication seems scripted and/or they provide inconsistent answers.
• Afraid to discuss themselves around others.
• Someone frequently answers on their behalf.
• Never alone, is unable to move freely, and is closely watched or followed.
• Seen entering and leaving a house with covered windows at odd hours.
• Seen entering and leaving paneled vans or blacked-out vehicles.
• Has no identification, such as a license or ID.
• Appears destitute/lacking personal possessions.
• Not dressed appropriately for the environment or route of travel.
• Has tattoo featuring a bar code or the word “Daddy”.

Children being trafficked might also be dressed in a sexualized manner or appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They might also appear to be malnourished with signs of physical or sexual abuse, bruises, scars or cigarette burns. Get informed, take action, and become part of the fight to help ERASE child trafficking.

We have also compiled a list of Safety Tips For Parents. You can read more about it HERE.