Human Trafficking Recovery

Human Trafficking Recovery

In addition to bringing awareness and educating communities, recovering children from trafficking situations is critical to ending the problem.

Every single year, millions of children are bought, sold and trafficked as slaves. They are forced to become domestic servants, child soldiers, brides, beggars, sweatshop workers, and sexual objects. While child trafficking is indeed a global epidemic, it has rapidly grown in our own backyard. Instances of trafficking exist in each and every state in the U.S. Through collaboration and education we are dedicated in the effort to help return children to their lives, loved ones, and freedoms.

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Human Trafficking Recovery – From Despair To Hope

The child trafficking industry is thriving because communities and law enforcement don’t always know enough to recognize the signs, and reporting trafficking can be a frustrating because of the lack of a clear reporting structure and training.

The recovery statistics for Human Trafficking is staggering – 1 to 2% of child trafficking victims are recovered. Furthermore, human trafficking statistics are difficult to capture, since trafficking victims can be recovered up to seven times prior to being out of trafficking completely due to the psychological trauma endured.

Law enforcement is at the forefront of the battle against child trafficking. At present, more training resources and personnel are devoted to recovering stolen cars than stolen children; and domestic minor sex trafficking is the only major crime not investigated like other major crimes.

To help increase the rescue of child trafficking victims ERASE has worked with legal and law enforcement experts in the field of human trafficking and developed the Advanced Human Trafficking Investigations Law Enforcement Course.  It is an intensive 3-day curriculum that prepares law enforcement officers to understand the pervasive and complex issue of trafficking, to identify human trafficking and co-occurring crimes in their community, and to build prosecutable cases against human traffickers.

Human Trafficking Recovery is complicated and has many facets that require a great deal of collaboration. Once recovered, ERASE helps with the immediate needs of survivors. We provide care packages with essential items, assist with food, lodging, and transportation. We assist with family and community coordination.

The most powerful tool in recovering human trafficking victims are partnerships. We feel through a National Human Trafficking Task Force, we can utilize the concept of strength in numbers to bring greater attention to the issue. Working together to combat the scourge of human trafficking, this issue will get the funding, resources, and attention that it deserves which will result in more victims being recovered.